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Meet James and Julia

“We are James and Julia, two best friends from South London, and together we are Utter Waffle.

We met whilst working at Wimbledon Tennis Championships, where James cooks for the players of the tournament, and Julia manages the competitors’ restaurant.

The unlikely friendship of chef and front-of-house manager was evident from the off, and we bonded over our love of great food and even better customer service!

Whilst we enjoyed our years working in high-end hospitality and catering…we thought ‘screw it’, and decided to pursue our dream and go-it alone.”


Our lightbulb moment  

“Utter Waffle came to us whilst travelling South America, where we discovered the presence of their huge savoury crêpe culture.

We loved this new-found occasion, where friends and family got together, largely in the evening, to spend time socialising, gossiping, and enjoying an array of flavours from across the globe, wrapped up in a delicious crêpe.

The food was laid-back and friendly; we watched as the locals ate with either a fork, or simply with just their hands, trading a bite for a bite, or “un bocado para un bocado”, sharing stories, laughter and awesome food.

We knew we wanted to bring a similarly inexpensive, simple, but fresh and memorable product back home to London…and we hope you are as excited to try it, as we are to serve it!”